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Game Resources for Club Members


Unity Tutorials

Gamemaker 2 Tutorials / Getting Started

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials

PyGame Tutorials

Java Game Development Tutorials

Blender Tutorials

Art Tools

  • Piskel - web based pixel art and animation tool
  • Pixelart - web based pixel art
  • Gimp - open source photoshop alternative
  • Aesprite - pixel art creation tool with emphasis on animation
  • Pyxel - pixel art creation tool
  • MagicaVoxel - create 3d models in a pixel art way
  • Blender - open source 3d model and animation tool
  • ImageMagick - command line tool to allow editing and resizing of image files

Art Assets

  • - great free art assets for use in prototyping or even finished producets

Music Tools and Tutorials

Audio Tools

  • BFXR - create electronic sounding special effect sounds
  • Abundant Music - free tool to create chiptune music

Networking Tools

  • Firebase - provides free hosting for indie and hobby developers
  • Node.js - javascript library that provides networking APIs for web apps

Student Offers

WVU Title IX Presentation, March 2016