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Our main purpose is to provide game development experience to interested students on campus by providing the resources they need to help make games and supporting a community of like-minded students with an interest in the games industry. More information below!

New to Game Development?

We provide workshops on game development tools and weekly meetings with events ranging from topics on game design to local guest speakers in the gaming industry!  Members of our club participate in different game jams every month, any skill level can join the club and learn how to make games!

Not interested in programming?

You don't need to be! Game Development is about more than just writing code. We welcome artists, musicians, designers, and anyone else who is interested in getting involved. Ask about how to get involved in a project at one of our weekly meetings! Or you can email for information about our Slack channel.

When do we meet?

In Spring 2019, we meet every Friday in AER 135 at 6:00pm. Check out our Twitter for the latest info on where and when we are meeting! Email to join our weekly mailing list!

How do I become a member?

While our meetings are free to any university students, we have paid membership that allows our members perks, including free admission to most of our events and workshops during the semester, free meals occasionally, and discounts on club t-shirts!  You can speak to any officer at a meeting to learn more.

What is the Alumni Resource page?

The Alumni Resource page holds a collection of WVU alumni that have offered to use themselves as a resource for aspiring developers. In addition, each person appearing on the Alumni Resource page has been recommended by another developer from the club. Each reference has information regarding their specialties in game development as well as recent projects.

ALUMNI: If you wish to be added to this page, please contact the current Digital Media Manager via Slack DM or email.

How do we help the community?

In addition to the resources we provide students, we support Extra Life and fundraise with them every year for the WVU Medicine Childrens Hospital individually and through an annual 24-hour livestreaming event we host each December.


Though there have been previous clubs related to games and development, the current WVU Game Developers Club was started by Jordan Hallow and Taylor Cutlip in September 2014 as a group for students who wanted to meet weekly and discuss game design and development. At weekly meetings, we discuss various game design topics, as well as host guest speakers to discuss their experience in the industry. Since then, we have organized for West Virginia University to be a host site for the Global Game Jam every year since January 2016.  We became an official academic chapter of the IGDA in May of 2016.  We won our first award at Chillenium at Texas A&M in September 2016.
Past Officers:

2019 Fall: President - Owen Davias, Vice President - Christian Meffert, Secretary - Nicole Dembo, Treasurer - Aron Ludwinski, Digital Media Manager - Jacob Thrasher
2019 Spring: President - Gabrielle Dumire, Vice President - Christian Meffert
2017 Spring: President - Jordan Hallow, Vice President - Destiny Dunn, Secretary - Ahmed Mian, Digital Media Manager - Connor Haynes
2016 Fall: President - Jordan Hallow, Vice President - Destiny Dunn, Secretary - Ryan Kubik, Treasurer - Veronica Blackshire
2016 Spring: President - Jordan Hallow, Vice President - Destiny Dunn, Secretary - Aaron Cather
2015 Fall: President - Jordan Hallow, Secretary - Aaron Cather, Unreal Expert - Katie Baker
2014-15 Fall - Spring: President - Taylor Cutlip, Vice President - Jordan Hallow, Secretary - Aaron Cather

Past Club Pictures:

Spring 2017
WVU Game Developers Club Spring 2017
(From left to right): Jordan Hallow, Destiny Dunn, Stephan Fumich, Victor Perez, Joseph DeMoss, Ken Wu, Gabby Dumire, Tristan Snyder, Connor Haynes, Ahmed Mian
Fall 2016
WVU Game Developers Club Fall 2016
(From left to right): Jordan Hallow, Victoria Nunley, Thomas Szymonek, Gabby Dumire, Tristan Snyder, Destiny Dunn, Ahmed Mian, Veronica Blackshire, Ryan Kubik, Curtis Stapleton, William Thomas
Spring 2015
WVU Game Developers Club Fall 2015
(From left to right): Keenan McClane, Destiny Dunn, Kati Baker, Veronica Blackshire, Jordan Hallow